Response to COVID-19 and Stay-home Proclamation

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Our normal tax season schedule has been disrupted by the COVID-19 virus restrictions.

The IRS and most state and local governments have delayed the due dates for both filing and paying income taxes this year.  Please refer to our blog at for information regarding revised due dates.

Our staff is working both in the office and from home.  However, in order to protect both our clients and our staff, we are not meeting clients in our office until the risk has passed.

To speak with your accountant, or to schedule a time for a telephone interview or a video conference, call us at (360) 727-0114.

Our office will be open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.  If you need something outside of those hours, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

If you have an appointment scheduled, we will be calling to reschedule to a later date.  Our staff is working through this process at this time.

There are several ways to get information to us.

Drop-off information:  You are welcome to drop off your tax return information this year instead of meeting with your CPA.  There is a table just inside the front door with a basket for this purpose.   Please help us to maintain appropriate separation with other clients by giving plenty of space as we help other clients!

Upload information:  We have a secure web portal that can be used to exchange information.  If you would like to have this set up for you, please contact us at (360) 727-0114.  The link is on the home page of our website at .

Fax:  (360) 573-4499

Mail information:  You can always mail information to us!

E-mail your accountant:  Please use caution about what you send via e-mail.  Consider encrypting any files that might contain social security numbers and other private information.

We also have options for picking up your completed tax returns.

Pick-up from our office:  Our staff will bring your return(s) to the table just inside our front door.  We appreciate your help in maintaining appropriate social distancing with our staff and other clients in this unusual situation!

Docu-Sign:  We can send your copy of most tax returns to you via Docu-Sign.  When we do this, you receive an electronic copy of your return(s) as well as the ability to electronically sign your returns. You can pick up a hard copy of your return and your original source documents at a later date.

Upload to ShareFile:  If we have a portal set up for you, we can upload your return to that location.  If you would like to have one set up, please call (360) 727-0114.

E-mail:  We can e-mail your return(s) to you.  When we do this, we will encrypt the file(s) with a password that we will also communicate to you.

USPS or UPS:  We normally ship returns to clients who are not in the Vancouver area.  This process is unchanged.

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