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Attention Employers: Employee Payroll Tax Withholding Deferral

[Note: The IRS has confirmed that participation in this program is optional. If there are additional developments, we will update this post. ] The IRS issued Notice 2020-65 last Friday. This notice contains the first details of the optional payroll tax deferral program that starts September 1 and lasts through the end of the year….

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SBA Loan Programs – Act Immediately

SMALL BUSINESS LOANS There are two loan programs for small business available as part of the federal government’s response to Covid-19.  If you are interested in either program, it is important to get your application in very soon as the funds available are limited. Here is a short description of each program and a link…

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Economic Impact Payments

The IRS will soon begin send checks to each eligible individual in the United States.  The amount is $1,200 per person ($2,400 for joint tax return filers) plus $500 for each qualifying child.  Generally, a qualifying child is a dependent who has not yet turned 17.  There are also some income limits; the credit is…

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S Corp Shareholder Health Insurance Reporting

As year-end quickly approaches, please be sure to report your health insurance premiums (on your W-2 form) in accordance with the instructions below.  If you are using a payroll service, they should be requesting information about your health insurance premiums.  Be sure that you give it to them! If you have paid the premiums personally,…

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